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 project brunch's STORY

Who are these awesome people that brought you Project Brunch?

...Well, at least we think we're awesome.


We are Jodi & Nick: friends, chosen family & now business partners.

Jodi & Nick first met, 21 years ago, when Nick was only 15 years old and started working for Jodi's entertainment & catering company. Little did they know that this was the beginning of a lifetime of friendship, laughter, adventures and a shared love for great food.

During Nick's high school years, he studied culinary arts and received a scholarship to NY Restaurant School through CCAP. He's also a proud recipient of the James Beard Foundation award of excellence. Nick loves to share and showcase his creativity by cooking for family & friends. He is embracing his position at Project Brunch as Co-Executive Chef.

Jodi, whose friends and family refer to her as the "professional home chef" is obsessed with everything food. She first ventured into the culinary scene with DoSI Cafe, an upscale Italian restaurant, in 2007. Jodi can always be found in the kitchen whipping up a new twist on her family's favorite dishes. She is looking forward to taking her place alongside Nick as Co-Executive Chef.

Fast forward to 2016 and we present you Project Brunch!

During the planning stages of Project Brunch, Nick & Jodi spent hours tasting recipes. With the help of Nick's daughter Madison & Jodi's children Alexa, John and Jenna, they have a built in staff of critics, food testers and social media consultants.

Nick & Jodi can't wait to share their passion for a great meal, a good time, lots of laughs & making lasting friends.